My Work Experience

This is my work experience; click the links (or just scroll down) for more detail. Also, check out my interactive timeline.
Tree planting I organized for the Pocket neighborhood, 2009

District Representative, Senator Steinberg's office

I'm a district representative for State Senator Steinberg (D-Sacramento), the President pro Tempore of the CA State Senate. (For other work experiences, see this page.)

My job is a mix of several different arenas:
  • Management and leadership development (see the Internships page)
  • Constituent relations, including casework and response letters
  • Office work
I have made valuable contributions to each of these areas in my office since I started as an intern (in April of 2007), and once I was hired as staff (in April of 2008).

Office information

District Office of State Senator Darrell Steinberg, President pro Tempore
1020 N Street, #576
Sacramento, CA 95814 (see a map)
(916) 651 1529

References: (can be reached at district office number, 916 651 1529)
Susan McKee, District Director
Karen Ziebron, District Representative
Victoria Harris, District Representative

Management and Leadership Development

I manage all the interns in our office. My team is responsible for writing all the response letters we send to constituents. I also lead the interns in "ownership initiatives," projects in which the intern is encouraged to take a leadership role in developing and following through on some initiative of the intern's choosing. (See my blog posts about ownership initiatives.)

I have a lot of ideas of things I'd like to implement here at the office. Rather than keep this list to myself, I've decided to share the ideas with the world! Check out my blog posts about things I'd like to implement.

Below is a visualization of my management experience. See this and other visualizations, along with explanations of what they mean.
Below is the graph of the interns' full-time equivalent hours (e.g. the interns' schedules, converted into full-time schedules):

Office Improvements

When I began my internship (4/2007), Senator Steinberg had only recently been elected to the Senate (10/2006). As a result, I felt there was a lack of systems, templates and procedures for accomplishing everyday tasks as a result.

This was not a major problem, because our office was small and staffed by very skilled, experienced staff who knew what they were doing. But I still felt that there was much to improve upon, especially for the constant influx of new interns who would need instruction. I believed that we could be much more effective with the addition of some new procedures.

I introduced a number of improvements, including:
  • An internal Wiki with resources for handling different types of cases and issues
  • Our entire intern training manual, including video tutorials (all of which is available on our Wiki), which dramatically reduces the amount of time I, other staff, and experienced interns need to spend training new interns
  • A series of templates to make mundane and repetitive tasks faster, including templates for three different types of certificates, a sheet of mailing labels, a fax cover sheet, and standardized response letters
  • A dashboard that allows me to track the 500 lists of topics we regularly respond to. The dashboard, which I designed in Excel, allows me to track over 25 different metrics, including the number of contacts (total, and open contacts) associated with each list, the staff or intern working on the response, and what the status of the response letter.
  • A series of Outlook email filters to make it possible to deal appropriately with the hundreds of emails that Senator Steinberg receives on a regular basis.
See also the blog posts about office improvements I have contributed.

Barryscientific, Office Manager

Barryscientific is my family's company, which sells a protractor patented by my parents, and provides specialized science class modules for elementary and preschools in Marin and San Francisco counties.

I took the initiative to create, design, maintain and update the website.

I also handled bank accounts, prepared taxes, managed insurance, mortgage and taxes for residential and rental properties, managed assistant, handled clients, sent invoices, and did basic paperwork.

Varsity Painting, Branch Manager

Varsity Painting is a company that provides students with the opportunity to run a branch of a company. Varsity trains students in painting, marketing, cold-calling, sales, and management. I managed a branch of Varsity Painting in Marin County, and generated $81,000 in house painting jobs in the spring and summer of 2004.